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1.1.113 released

In this version: The ability to record and playback training data Bug fix to the configure script whereby some previous values were not displayed properly.

New blog post, Why is My Database Application so Slow? up on Simple Talk now!

We’ve just published a new blog post for simple-talk about troubleshooting performance issues with SQl applications. It was quite a lot of fun trying to work out how we diagnose performance issues and write it up in a generic approach to troubleshooting speed issues, I guess we’ve never really tried to explain it before so […]

Chatty SQL Applications

We see a lot of chatty applications, applications that run fine on a LAN but become frustratingly slow when run over a WAN or the internet. I’m going to explain a little about what we mean by chattiness and how we solve the problem.

1.1.109 released

Changes in this version: Password redacted in log files da-configure script: Special characters and spaces now supported. Port numbers validated Log file rotation enabled MSI now waits for DA service to start

1.1.100 released

Changes in this version: Optimised nocount statements Improved telemetry and logging Keep sys.config on upgrade to avoid having to reconfigure the DA Server on updates Fix for bug whereby an invalid statement was sent to SQL Server following a “set implicit transactions on” statement