Eliminate network latency for SQL applications

Data Accelerator provides a LAN speed connection to SQL Server over the internet or a WAN. It uses machine learning to understand the work flows within your SQL application so Data Accelerator knows what your application is about to do before it does. This allows Data Accelerator to prefetch the response for the next SQL request just as your application asks for it effectively eliminating network latency. This can deliver up to a 25x performance improvement

We've accelerated traffic for client-server applications in the legal, healthcare, finance and e-commerce industries as well as n-tier web apps. As long as you're running SQL over a WAN or the Internet, we will accelerate it

Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005-2016 and SQL Azure

Geo Expansion

Geo Expansion

Customers in a different country? New offices opening miles away? That extra latency might kill your applications performance

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud gives you loads of benefits, but with that extra latency your application may not work as it does on your LAN

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

If there’s an outage at a data centre, what is the effect of the latency on your application when you fail over to your secondary region?

Data Accelerator topology diagram

Data Accelerator works as a TCP proxy and is totally transparent to your application. It consists of a client and a server. DA client runs on the same machine as your application and DA server runs on a virtual or physical box as close as possible to SQL server

Network latency sucks

SQL queries over the WAN without DA

This diagram shows an applications issuing three queries to SQL over a high latency network. Even though SQL server is processing the queries as fast as it gets them, each query must suffer the round trip time of the network

Data Accelerator to the rescue

SQL queries over the WAN with DA

DA Server predicts what queries your application will need next, prefetches them and streams the results to DA Client. The results are given instantaneously saving you the network round trip times

Data Accelerator only prefetches reads, it rarely gets predictions wrong but if it does the results are discarded. The queries are never reordered and the results always come fresh from the database, this ensures that Data Accelerator maintains SQL Server's consistency model which in turn means your application can use Data Accelerator without any code changes or any risk of introducing bugs


  • Up to 25x faster
  • LAN like speeds on WAN/Internet
  • Linear horizontal scaling


  • Zero configuration
  • Zero code changes
  • Simple to install and deploy

Reliability and Security

  • Encrypted between Client and Server
  • Supports highly available architectures
  • Supports SQL idle connection resiliency

Data Consistency

  • Guarantees SQL Servers consistency model
  • Data is always fresh from database

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